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Oh hello.

I'm Lisa.

I’m Lisa Norton, a dedicated educator and mom of three wonderful children. My journey in education spans over 22 years in McKinney, where I’ve served as a preschool teacher and a Dyslexia Specialist within the McKinney Independent School District. As a Dyslexia Specialist, I am committed to supporting and celebrating every child’s reading achievements.

My Story

After graduating from Northwestern State University with a degree in Business Administration, I quickly discovered my passion for education. It wasn't long before I pursued and achieved certifications in EC-4, Special Education, and English as a Second Language (ESL). I began my teaching career as a preschool teacher, where I spent nine enriching years. This role not only honed my foundational teaching skills but also deepened my understanding of early childhood development.

Transitioning to the McKinney Independent School District, I embraced the role of a Dyslexia Specialist. Over the past 13 years, I've had the privilege of working closely with students who face learning challenges similar to those I tackle in my specialty. My approach combines structured, empathetic, and evidence-based strategies to assist children in not only learning to read but also in gaining confidence in their abilities.

My own children—Kayla, Kyle, and Kade—have been my inspiration and my greatest supporters. Watching Kayla excel and graduate from Texas Tech, seeing Kyle establish a career as a skilled welder, and observing Kade thrive as a sophomore at Texas A&M, reinforces my commitment to educational advocacy and the profound impact of personalized learning.

Teaching is more than a profession to me; it’s a lifelong passion. Every student's success story is a personal victory, and I celebrate these moments with all the joy of a parent watching their child succeed. My dedication to reading and literacy is fueled by the smiles of children who have mastered a new word, a new book, or a new self-belief. I look forward to many more years of these celebrations, continuing to make a difference one child at a time.

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