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Our comprehensive services in academic support, dyslexia therapy, dysgraphia therapy, and ADHD life coaching are designed to set both children and adults on the path to success, empowering them with the skills and confidence needed to thrive academically and personally.


Academic Support

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing personalized support and interventions for children with dyslexia. Through comprehensive assessments and specialized therapy programs, we work closely with each child to address their unique strengths and challenges. After receiving dyslexia therapy, some children may still require ongoing academic support to address residual challenges or to ensure continued progress.

5 Signs Your Child Might Need Academic Support:

  1. Persistent Reading Difficulties

  2. Writing Challenges

  3. Slow Progress in Academic Subjects

  4. Low Confidence or Self-Esteem

  5. Struggles with Executive Function Skills

By addressing any ongoing challenges promptly, you can help your child succeed academically and build confidence in their abilities.


Dyslexia Therapy

As parents, it's vital to recognize the signs of dyslexia in our children early on, as this can significantly impact their academic journey and overall well-being. At Moving Minds Learning Solutions, we understand the importance of early identification and intervention for children with dyslexia. Identifying signs such as difficulty with phonological awareness, poor reading skills, spelling challenges, writing difficulties, and delayed language development is crucial for guiding children toward the support they need.

5 Signs Your Child Might Need Dyslexia Therapy:

  1. Difficulty with Phonological Awareness

  2. Poor Reading Skills

  3. Spelling Challenges

  4. Writing Difficulties

  5. Delayed Language Development

We utilize multisensory learning techniques that engage different senses simultaneously, making learning more effective and enjoyable for individuals with dyslexia. This approach helps improve reading, writing, and spelling skills by reinforcing learning through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities.


Dysgraphia Therapy

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping children with dysgraphia thrive by providing tailored support and interventions. Through comprehensive assessments and personalized therapy programs, we work closely with each child to address their specific needs and challenges. Our dysgraphia therapy approach focuses on improving handwriting skills, spelling, composition, and overall writing proficiency, empowering children to express themselves confidently and effectively on paper.

5 Signs Your Child Might Need Dysgraphia Support:

  1. Illegible Handwriting

  2. Slow or Labored Writing

  3. Inconsistent Letter Formation

  4. Difficulty with Spelling and Composition

  5. Avoidance of Writing Tasks

Dysgraphia therapy typically involves targeted interventions to improve handwriting skills, spelling, composition, and overall writing proficiency. Early intervention and support can help children with dysgraphia develop the necessary skills and confidence to succeed academically and beyond.


ADHD Life Coaching

ADHD life coaching for kids and families offers structured support and guidance to help children with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and their families navigate daily challenges, develop essential skills, and achieve their goals.

Here's what you can expect from ADHD life coaching:

  1. Understanding of ADHD

  2. Goal Setting

  3. Skill Building

  4. Executive Function Coaching

  5. Positive Reinforcement

  6. Parental Support

  7. Collaboration with Schools

ADHD life coaching provides children and families with personalized support, practical strategies, and encouragement to help them thrive despite the challenges of ADHD. It empowers children to develop their strengths, overcome obstacles, and reach their full potential.

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