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Summer Programs

This summer, give your child the opportunity to shine with our diverse range of courses designed specifically for elementary and middle school students. Our inclusive, supportive environment is perfect for all kiddos seeking to make the most of their summer break. Join us to keep learning alive during the summer and set the stage for a successful school year ahead!

Writing Skills


Introduce your child to the exciting world of writing with our Basics of Writing summer course for kids! Tailored for young learners aged 8-13, this program provides a solid foundation in essential writing skills. Led by experienced instructors at a 1:1 ratio, our summer course covers
fundamental concepts such as handwriting, spelling, sentence structure, and creative expression.

Six Syllable Types (6 Week Course)

Each week, our skilled instructors will guide small groups through various syllable types, from closed syllables to r-controlled vowels, using engaging lessons and interactive activities. Children will enhance their decoding skills and confidence in handling multisyllabic words. Enroll your child in our Six Syllable Types course today and equip them with essential reading and writing tools for success!


Foundations in Phonics


Welcome to our literacy classes for kindergarten and first-grade students! We emphasize a strong language foundation with small 1:1 ratio sessions for personalized learning. Our curriculum covers phonics, phonemic awareness, and writing skills through fun, interactive lessons, helping students improve their reading and writing abilities effectively.

Reading Comprehension and Written Response

In these tailored sessions, our dedicated instructors work closely with students in a 1:1 ratio to expand their literacy vocabulary, strengthen comprehension skills, and master the art of finding textual evidence. Through a combination of targeted exercises, guided practice, and interactive discussions, students develop the confidence and competence needed to engage deeply with texts.

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