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Dyslexia Therapy and ADHD Life Coaching

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ADHD Life Coaching

ADHD life coaching offers personalized support and strategies to individuals with ADHD, helping them harness their unique strengths, improve focus, organization, and time management skills, and navigate life's challenges more effectively for a fulfilling and productive life.

Dysgraphia and Writing Support

Dysgraphia is a learning disability characterized by difficulties with writing. Individuals with dysgraphia may struggle with handwriting legibility, spelling accuracy, and organizing thoughts coherently on paper. 

Instruction is delivered by a Dysgraphia Specialist engaging the student in a multi-sensory approach to written expression. Students will learn how to express writing ideas clearly, understand sentence structure, and build on handwriting skills.

Academic Support

Academic support in reading fluency, writing, and spelling to students who have completed a dyslexia program or curriculum can be instrumental in helping them build upon their existing skills, address remaining challenges, and thrive academically. This personalized approach fosters a supportive learning environment where students can reach their full potential.

Dyslexia Therapy

A specialized approach designed to improve reading, writing, and comprehension skills in individuals with dyslexia. Through personalized, multi-sensory techniques, it addresses unique learning challenges, empowering learners to overcome obstacles and achieve academic success.

How it Works

How It Works

Getting started with Moving Minds is easy. Follow these simple steps:

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Book a free consultation with one of our specialists to discuss your needs and learn more about our services.

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Select a program that fits your needs and budget. We offer a range of options to suit every learner.

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Start your journey towards empowerment and success with the support of our experienced team.


Success Stories

"Lisa has been a game changer for my ADHD child. She has taught him skills that really address the executive function as well as social challenges he has faced. I can honestly say I have seen great improvement in overall self-estimate and flexibility with his emotions. I highly recommend for anyone who wants their child to have every advantage possible."

- Jennifer L.

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